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Hand Wash

In 4 colors and scents

Weight: 500 &3500 g

Bottle Type: PE

Repol toilet liquid contains high-quality cologne essences and spring flower essences. These products are a good choice for maintaining hand hygiene for people with sensitive skin. The presence of enzymes, proteins, amino acids, glycerin, vitamin E and antioxidants in them removes dead cells, softens and protects the skin.

Liquid Bleach

In 2 colors and scents

Weight: 1 & 4 L

Bottle Type: PE

Bleach is one of the most practical and powerful products for disinfecting and cleaning the house and clothes. The main ingredient of this product is sodium hypochlorite, which destroys bacteria, fungi and viruses and stops their growth and reproduction. Repol factory offers bleach in two simple and scented models, scented bleaches do the job of cleaning surfaces and clothes without leaving a strong smell.


Dishwashing Liquid

In 4 scents of orange, apple, strawberry and lemon

Weight: 750 & 3500 g

Bottle Type: PE

Repol fruit dishwashing liquid is available in four flavors: lemon, apple, orange and strawberry, which is the flagship product of the factory. For the degreasing and strong cleaning of dishes, Repol fruit dishwashing liquid is the best choice because it easily removes the unpleasant smell of the dishes by just pouring a few drops and gives them a special luster and shine, so you can safely use it for the hygiene of dishes and degreasing liquid. Choose Repool dishwasher.

Toilet Cleaner

Weight: 1& 4 L

Bottle Type: PE

Repol anti-seize is one of the most popular anti-seize in the market, which has tried to attract the satisfaction of the majority of consumers with its production. Repol descaler with its special formulation has a very high foaming and descaler.


Glass And Mirror Cleaner

In 3 colors and scents

Weight: 500 ml

Bottle Type: Pet

Repol glass cleaners contain alcohol solvents that stick to the glass surface and remove dirt and pollution and give more shine to glass surfaces. Even Repol glass cleaners have a pleasant aroma and spread a pleasant aroma in the space. This highly efficient product helps to clean glass surfaces easily without leaving any traces on the glass.